Pre-Owned LP Scale

(Cover & Record Condition)


This is a strict grading scale.

Each pre owned LP is played throughout, and inspected under heavy lighting, to point out highlights or flaws within item description.

LP's with a lower grade will normally not be sold on this site. If there is an LP with such a grade, it is only if it is very rare, or highly sought after.

-MINT (M): Sealed or flawless in appearance.

-NEAR MINT (NM): Little to no edge wear on the cover, or very light sleeve scuffs on the vinyl.

-EXCELLENT (EX): Glossy with faint surface marks on the vinyl, and minor edge wear/ring wear on the cover.

-VERY GOOD + (VG+): Some surface marks/minimal surface noise, still with a nice gloss, and great play/fidelity. Heavier album cover wear (bending, edge wear & ring wear).

-VERY GOOD (VG): Heavier surface marks or scratches that have greater surface noise, but does not hinder play. Heavier wear on album cover showing dents, bends, and split formations.

-VERY GOOD - (VG-): Deeper scratches, surface marks, , and scuffs on vinyl that create heavy surface noise, but still plays through without skips/skipping. Splitting edges on cover, and more serious edge and ring wear.

Any further questions regarding details on LP condition, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] 

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